Services for people with developmental disabilities.
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Hattie's Vending

Hattie's Vending provides meaningful training and employment to people with developmental disabilities.

The program is headed by a manager, who is also a job coach. Vending machines are serviced based on their sales volume; some once a week, others every day. The team stocks the machines, takes inventory, checks for expired product and makes sure the machine is neat, clean and can make change.

Hattie's Vending employees watch which products are selling well. With this information, staff continually make adjustments to the inventory to provide customers what they want.

The vending machines are leased in collaboration with AVI Foodsystems, Inc. They are experts at handling machine repair, so Hattie's Vending can focus on supporting people with developmental disabilities. Hattie's Vending services nearly 100 machines in Akron, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Look for the Hattie's Vending sticker on your vending machine. Your purchase supports the vocational training of people with developmental disabilities. Contact Hattie's Café & Gifts to add a Hattie's Vending machine to your location.

Hattie's Vending

540 South Main Street, Suite 412
Akron, OH 44311 (map)
Phone: (330) 274-2272

Dotty Grexa

Dotty Grexa

Vice President, Vocational and Enterprise Services

Dotty Grexa, vice president, vocational and enterprise services, joined the Hattie Larlham executive team in Oct. 2007. Prior to her promotion, Grexa served as a Hattie Larlham consultant, where she developed and implemented...

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