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Hattie Larlham announcement

Hattie Larlham to remain independent organization

On Mon., March 12, the Hattie Larlham Board of Directors determined that Hattie Larlham will remain an independent organization.

In June 2017, Hattie Larlham announced a reorganization plan that included seeking proposals from other organizations interested in pursuing a potential business partnership. Since that time, Hattie Larlham has been in discussion with several organizations regarding the terms of a partnership agreement.

“The Board of Directors carefully reviewed all of the partnership proposals that were submitted. We also considered the progress made in our operating efficiencies and finances during the past year,” said Hattie Larlham Care Group Board President Michael Weinhardt.

“Remaining independent at this time is the best option to insure the future success of Hattie Larlham and is in the best interests of the individuals we serve, their families, and our employees.”

“Our ability to continue to be a successful independent organization for the long term will be dependent in large part on our continued efforts to improve the overall financial strength of the organization,” adds Hattie Larlham Interim CEO Stephen Colecchi. “ Increased fundraising will be very important and key to helping Hattie Larlham meet its mission.”

Hattie Larlham is a nonprofit organization that provides medical, residential, recreational and work training services to 1,700 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization provides services to children and young adults at the Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities in Mantua, Ohio, and to adults in community-based homes throughout Ohio. Hattie Larlham has a significant presence in both northeast Ohio and the Columbus, Ohio region. Hattie Larlham provides services in the Columbus, Ohio area through its affiliated organization, the Association for the Developmentally Disabled (Add). Hattie Larlham employs 1150 individuals in the northeast and central Ohio regions.

“Although we are remaining independent, we believe that in the future it will be important for Hattie Larlham to consider clinical affiliations and joint venture opportunities with fellow providers throughout the northeast and central Ohio regions,” said Weinhardt.

“Without question, we will continue to see changes in the way we are funded and the way that services are provided to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Colecchi. “I am quite confident that remaining an independent organization gives Hattie Larlham the best opportunity to continue our legacy of outstanding care and service that was first established by Mrs. Larlham in the early 1960’s. We look forward to working with all of our employees, board members, contributors, and existing business partners to fulfill that legacy.”

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