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Ohio Developmental Disabilities Crisis


Hattie Larlham has a long and proud history of providing support and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From our humble beginnings in 1961 when Hattie and Richard Larlham opened their farmhouse on Diagonal Road in Mantua, Ohio to provide care to a disabled newborn, Hattie Larlham now provides services to over 1500 individuals at 70+ locations across Northeast and Central Ohio. 

Over the past several years, the developmental disability (DD) provider community in Ohio has been significantly challenged by staffing issues, which have had a dramatic impact on the services that we are able to provide. As of January 31, 2023, Hattie Larlham has 42 individuals on the waiting list for placement at the Hattie Larlham Center or one of our ICF Group Homes. During 2022, Hattie Larlham received 352 inquiries for ICF placement or respite services. Given our staffing levels we are currently not accepting new residents at the Hattie Larlham Center. We have not been able to provide any respite services since early 2020. This same story is being replayed across Ohio.

We are in a crisis situation. Our challenge in recruiting and retaining employees is directly related to the reimbursement that Hattie Larlham receives from Medicaid, which results in our inability to pay our employees an acceptable starting salary. 


Without question, the backbone of any DD provider are its employees. Hattie Larlham relies on Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and other staff to meet the complex needs of our residents, day program attendees, and students. The most pressing current need is for additional Medicaid funding so that we can increase the hourly rate for all these employees. We will not be able to continue to provide the support and care to the number of individuals we currently serve unless we are able to address our staffing needs. 


It should be obvious that a starting salary of $14.00 per hour or $15.50 per hour is not enough to attract employees to consider working as a DSP. We need the help and assistance of Governor DeWine and the Ohio Legislature to address this staffing crisis and to provide additional funding to allow DD providers to pay its DSPs and other employees a living wage.

We need to be very clear in our message. Unless additional funding is provided to Hattie Larlham, we will have no choice but to reduce the number of people we serve and to perhaps even close certain programs and services.

In the Media

Hattie Larlham's advocacy efforts have been referenced in several publications. We will continue to be outspoken about the importance of the fight for increased wage funding for disabilities providers. 

Take Action

Unless additional funding is included in the State Budget that will be effective July 1, 2023, providers across Ohio will need to reduce the number of people they serve and some DD providers will close completely. 

Whether you are an elected official, a parent or guardian, an employee, a board member or volunteer, or someone with an interest in the services provided by the DD provider network in Ohio, we collectively have the responsibility to make sure that sufficient funding is provided to pay our employees a living wage to allow us to compete for employees and address our staffing needs and, most importantly, to meet the needs of our fellow Ohioans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These individuals rely on all of us, and we cannot let them down.

Use your voice to join our fight & make an impact in the lives of people with disabilities and the people who care for them.

We encourage you to contact our State Representatives and Senators to let them know how critical the need is for increased Medicaid funding for DD providers. You can share how the current crisis has affected you personally or the negative impact you've seen within your community. The more unified voices we have in our fight, the louder our message will be. 

Hattie Larlham programs and services within each legislator's district are italicized. 


Representative Gail Pavliga |

77 South High Street, Floor 11, Columbus, OH 43215

Hattie Larlham Center

Representative Phil Robinson |

77 South High Street, Floor 10, Columbus, OH 43215

Aurora Home, Solon Home, Oak Home, Wood Home and Bedford Constant Companions

Representative Mary

77 South High Street, Floor 10, Columbus, OH 43215

Westerville Office, Addventures

Representative Tom Patton

77 South High Street, Floor 11, Columbus, OH 43215

Middleburg Heights Constant Companions

Representative Robert Young

77 South High Street, Floor 11, Columbus, OH 43215

Boettler Home, Green Office, Green Constant Companions


Senator Jerry Cirino |

1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor 034, Columbus, OH 43216

Aurora, Solon, Oak and Wood Homes, Bedford Constant Companions

Senator Vernon Sykes |

1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor 051, Columbus, OH 43216

Hattie Larlham Center

Senator Kristina Roegner |

1 Capitol Square, First Floor 142, Columbus, OH 43216

Boettler Home, Green Office, Green, Stow, Twinsburg Constant Companions

Senator Michele Reynolds |

1 Capitol Square, First Floor 128, Columbus, OH 43216

Westerville Office, Addventures

Senator Matt Dolan |

1 Capitol Square, First Floor 127 , Columbus, OH 43216

Middleburg Heights Constant Companions

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