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Employment Success March 2019 FOCUS

Employment Success March 2019 FOCUS

By W Voelker

Employment Success March 2019 FOCUS

Aaron W. received services through Hattie Larlham’s Vocational Training program, starting out in Hattie’s Assembly and then moving to the Vending program. Because of his enthusiasm and growth, he was promoted to become a regular employee of the program. Within a short time, Aaron completed additional training and began working full time driving the vending truck and managing his own external route.

Eventually Aaron was hired as a job coach at Hattie Larlham and worked with trainees for eight months helping them gain skills to build independence. Since his time with Hattie Larlham, Aaron has worked for Rick’s Café and the University of Akron.

Aaron just recently started a new position at AVI Foodsystems, Inc. as a Customer Service Attendant, stationed at GOJO Industries in Cuyahoga Falls. In this position, Aaron maintains the vending machines in the busy employee breakroom. He is so excited to be working in vending again!

His supervisor states that she is so blessed to have Aaron, and she’s been impressed with his memory and excellent manners. Aaron is a perfect example of how a person with disabilities can learn, progress, and work hard to reach their full potential. Aaron was honored at Hattie Larlham’s 2018 Friendship Luncheon with the Trailblazer Award for Employment Success.

Employment Success March 2019 FOCUS

Matt worked with his job developer to look for positions that fit his strengths of being extremely organized and good with numbers. This led them to focus their search on the clerical and data entry fields. During their search, they came across an opening as a book shelver for the Akron-Summit County Public Library’s Bookmobile. The job has turned out to be a perfect fit for Matt’s skills and abilities! He is doing extremely well and has received many positive comments from his coworkers and supervisor. He is extremely happy and loves his job.

“Matt is a goodnatured, hard worker who is an asset to our department.” -Jon Hershey, Manager of Mobile Services for Akron-Summit County Public Library

Employment Success March 2019 FOCUS

Christy M. is an example of a person who uses her innate abilities to help her grow and achieve. Christy was hired as a seasonal greeter at the Jo-Ann Fabrics location in Lakemore for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. While at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Christy always showed her positive and helpful attitude and had a great relationship with both her customers and fellow employees.

Christy currently works as a processor for The Goodwill Industries of Akron, a position that she loves. She processes incoming donations, and makes sure they are in good condition to be resold at the Goodwill store. Christy loves music and books, and her passion for her interests carries over into her work and commitment to a job well done.

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