Services for people with developmental disabilities.
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Order Corporate Gifts for Clients and Coworkers

Corporate Gifts

Order corporate gifts for clients and coworkers from Hattie's Café & Gifts. Custom and volume orders welcome.

Donate Your Car or Truck and Support People with Disabilities

Drive Opportunity

Donate your car or truck to Hattie Larlham and you'll create opportunities for people with disabilities. Sign up for Hattie Larlham's vehicle donation program.

Hattie Larlham Columbus services

Central Ohio Services

Hattie Larlham provides services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in greater Columbus at ADD, a Hattie Larlham agency.

Volunteer at Hattie Larlham.


Become a Hattie Larlham volunteer. There are opportunities for people, families, groups and companies that support people with developmental disabilities.

Find a health care job at Hattie Larlham.

Nonprofit Jobs

Work at Hattie Larlham. Nonprofit health care careers support children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Hattie Larlham

Hattie Larlham creates opportunities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide medical, residential, recreational and work training services to 1,800 Northeast and Central Ohio people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Donate online to support Hattie Larlham.