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Hattie Larlham Staff Receive Top Honors

By Audrey Arend

L to R: Amy Koneval, Nonie Marshall, Kimberly Skelley

This October, three members of the Hattie Larlham team were selected as winners in unique categories at the annual Ohio Providers Resource Association (OPRA) Fall Conference. Amy, Nonie, and Kimberly were selected for this honor from dozens of nominees across agencies throughout Ohio.

“I am very pleased to share that three Hattie Larlham employees were recognized at the OPRA Fall Conference for their outstanding and dedicated service to Hattie Larlham and to the individuals who we serve. Kim Skelley was recognized in the Support Staff category; Nonie Marshall in the DSP category; and Amy Koneval in the Front Line Supervisor category. Please join me in congratulating Kim, Nonie and Amy for this well-deserved recognition. “

Stephen Colecchi, CEO

The nominations, submitted by fellow Hattie Larlham staff, are below.

Kim Skelley

Kim has worked for Hattie Larlham for more than 30 years. She started her career as a DSP and is known for her loving and compassionate care. Kim then was promoted to work in the Social Services Department. She brought her compassion and caring to helping residents and their families with their benefits. Kim assures that the residents maintain their appropriate benefits and works to assist the families in completing all the required paperwork. Kim has created and maintained close relationships with the families and residents to assure that this process is seamless. Kim is proactive and uses her vast array of relationships with local agencies to fix any issues that arise. Kim also provides support to the families and is someone they can call to discuss a concern or just to talk about their feelings. Kim demonstrates professionalism and always treats the residents and families with great respect and truly cares for their well-being. Kim is everyone’s “go to” person.

Nonie Marshall

This year marks Nonie Marshall’s 25th year as a Hattie Larlham employee. Nonie has dedicated her life to Hattie Larlham and the people we serve. Nonie works 10pm-10am, but you can always count on her to come in early and stay late any time she is needed. Nonie often comes in on her days off to ensure coverage and active treatment at the home. Nonie will also pick up at the other homes when they are need. The homes can always rely on Nonie to get everything done when she is on shift and then some. Nonie works diligently to deep clean the entire house weekly and has updated a lot of the décor. The house looks beautiful and receives many compliments! Within the past few months one of our residents did not have a lot of décor in her room and did not have the funds to spend on it. Nonie used her own money and asked for donations from her own family and completely transformed the room. She incorporated this person’s interests and hobbies when she decorated and made it easier for her to keep her craft supplies organized, which is one of her goals. She brought so much joy to this person served and her family was also very happy with it. Nonie is always planning cookouts and parties and always has creative ideas to include all of the people we serve. Nonie typically picks up on every holiday and cooks a big holiday meal for the people served and staff as well. Nonie always says that the people we serve are a part of her family and it truly shows!

Amy Koneval

Amy, as the QIDP/Manager of two homes, was able to lead her team to achieve two citation free ODH/Medicaid & Life Safety surveys during the year 2019. (ODH/Medicaid & Life Safety & DODD/Licensure for one and ODH/Medicaid & Life Safety for the other). This was the 3rd consecutive citation free survey. She worked to ensure the continual active treatment and any & all regulatory compliance for the two homes. She worked diligently to ensure that proper documentation was comprehended by the staff & completed – this shows the organization and preparedness that she had for the homes in all aspects of the job. Commitment to excellence. The ICF group homes also lost two QIDP/managers at the same time this quarter 2019 – Amy took it upon herself to assist the Program Director with being on call for a home and assuming most of the QIDP duties for the home. She has maintained and coordinated the home staffing schedule and completed IHP’s for the home. Amy has assisted and worked with the Program Director in covering open shifts at multiple homes even though she also has responsibilities at her primary other two homes. With Amy’s leadership and communication with her teams, the three homes are able to provide the continual active treatment and necessary coordination & oversight needed for the people served. Amy shows her dedication to the homes and people served daily without complaint – assisting where ever necessary. Thank you – it is very much appreciated.

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