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Condolences Extended to Family of Lyndella Larlham

By Audrey Arend

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Lyndella Larlham Andrews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Hattie Larlham.

Patience Lyndella Larlham Andrews, known as Lyndella by her friends and family, grew up in the same Mantua, Ohio farmhouse where her mother, Hattie Gadd Larlham, first began caring for infants with profound disabilities. Lyndella spent several summers working at the Hattie Larlham Foundation, lending her compassion and talents to the children with disabilities receiving care there. She will be remembered dearly and cherished always as a member of the Larlham family and outstanding citizen of the communities she touched.

The following was provided by Lyndella's husband, Burton Andrews, and brother, Charles Larlham:

Lyndella Andrews passed away the late evening on January 24, 2021. She had been recovering from a surgery which was compromised by her contracting an infection while in the hospital.

She is survived at home by her husband of 53-years, Burton Andrews.

Also surviving are a daughter, Hannah Wallen, and her husband, Brian Wallen, and grandchildren Raven Wallen, Elaine Wallen, all of Dayton, Ohio, and Katie Teh of Omaha, Nebraska.

Also a son, Adam Andrews and his wife Mindy Andrews and granddaughters Skylr Andrews, and Adain Andrews, all of Port Orange, Florida.

Lyndella was born January 8, 1947 in Ravenna, Ohio to the late Richard and Hattie Larlham. The Larlhams were pioneers in the field of the profoundly handicapped newborns and children.

They started the Hattie Larlham Foundation located near Mantua, Ohio, where Lyndella worked during summers for three years. Hattie is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame along with many other awards for her successes in these endeavors.

A brother, R. Charles Larlham and family survives in Flint, Michigan. A brother Giles preceded her in death.

Lyndella was a 1965 graduate from Crestwood High School, Mantua, Ohio. In 1969 she received a BS in English from Bluffton College/University. She taught school full time briefly afterwards in Lima Ohio, Wapakoneta, Ohio and part time at St. Marys, Ohio. She served as a substitute teacher in many local schools until 1998.

In addition to her teaching, Lyndella was an avid homemaker, with interests in gardening, landscaping, and an extended practice in fine cooking.

Lyndella, along with husband Burton and family, lived in Wapakoneta until moving to St. Marys, Ohio in January 1976. Burton taught school until retirement in 1998. The Andrews' also operated a photography business on the side, which included a long stint as part time photo-journalists for the Evening Leader Daily Newspaper. They started in the 1970's while K.C. Gieger was still Editor in Chief.

The Andrews's also ran a portrait studio. Many families' wedding albums were done by Andrews Photography.

Lyndella became active in community civics first as a volunteer interested in continuing park development and improvements. After raising money to refurbish Armstrong Park she was appointed to the St. Marys City Parks Board and served two years.

She was invited by the Republican Party to run for city council. She was elected and reelected for a total of ten years with a term as council president her last time.

As council president she represented the city during an exchange goodwill trip in the Sister Cities Program to Japan.

She served as one of the Canal Society's Presidents at the time they headed up a project along with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that successfully completed the needed refurbishing of the East Bank Bulkhead. It also saw the rebuilding of the fish hatchery ponds and facilities located next to the Grand Lake St. Marys.

The last 22-years Lyndella dedicated her time to friends and caring for her husband, family, and home.

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