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Five Dollar Friday Campaign Raises Record-breaking $8K

By Audrey Arend

Hattie Larlham's Five Dollar Friday campaign makes it clear that we are #BrighterTogether.

On the last Friday of every month, we humbly ask friends of Hattie Larlham to make a five dollar donation in support of the critical services and programs Hattie Larlham provides to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Every month since the campaign began, we have been blown away by the outpouring of support. We have taken to calling these special donors our "Five Dollar Friday Heroes" because of the huge impact their generosity has.

The March 2021 Five Dollar Friday was especially significant as we set out to achieve a lofty goal of $8,000 raised, which is more than triple the highest total donation amount since the campaign's inception in March 2020. With an extremely generous $4,000 matching challenge gift from members of the Hattie Larlham Boards of Directors, we successfully reached and exceeded that goal.The final total raised was $8,011!

Each one of the Five Dollar Friday Heroes listed below helped make Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month an even more special celebration and helped ensure that Hattie Larlham can continue building brighter futures for people with disabilities.

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Five Dollar Friday Campaign Raises Record-breaking $8K

  • The Middlefield Banking Company
  • Patricia Gross
  • June Kolb
  • Stacy Timm
  • Vera Miller
  • Sydney Veon
  • McEwuen Family
  • Operations Department at Hattie Larlham
  • Andrea Orban Brun, In memory of Matthew Orban
  • Kimberly Skelley
  • Anoymous
  • Chris Vaught, in honor of Mattie Risalitti, Dorothy Trumpeter
  • Lora Lewis and Jeffrey Knox
  • Lora Dudick
  • Kelly Connelly
  • Rebecca Stoots Troutman
  • Ron and Karla Pagano, in honor of Our Beloved Nick
  • Anonymous
  • Randy Schoenly
  • Joe and Donna Amato
  • Wendy Voelker
  • Kim and Greg Bione
  • Eleanor Sloat
  • Elaine Bowen, in honor of Dr. Richard Grossberg
  • Jim Rothgery
  • Kathy Will
  • John & Lee Smelko
  • Steve and Jeri Scafidi
  • Anonymous
  • Sherri Foxman
  • Kristen Smithson
  • Gorski Family, in honor of Nick Pagano
  • Jennifer Sleeper
  • Anonymous, in honor of Dodie Laney Wallace
  • Dodie Wallace
  • Mark Wallace
  • Laura Walker
  • MaryAnn Walker
  • Yeti Waltman
  • Christopher and Lori Smith, in honor of the Individuals and Staff of Solon and Aurora Homes
  • Melissa Maki
  • Kristen Knepp
  • Bridgette Berthelot
  • Janice Bowen
  • Mike Lewis
  • Anne & Mike Ritz
  • John P James
  • Mary Moore
  • Vicky and Tom Reidy
  • Paige Giannetti, in honor of Andrew Whiteman
  • Century 21 Peak, in honor of Ronald Kasek, Jr.
  • Norrene McLaughlin
  • Gregory Snyder
  • Richard Larlham
  • Michael Abbamonte
  • Joe Horoszko
  • Thomas Mazur, in honor of Stephen Mazur
  • Jacqueline Miller, in honor of Cody and Laney Wallace
  • Shirley Clevinger
  • Claire Hrovat
  • Linda Morris
  • Liz Jones
  • Kim Bartell
  • Dianna Bluso
  • Daniel Warner
  • Sandy Cinch
  • Emily McMillion

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