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Davey Tree helps make April fundraiser an Arbor Day success

Davey Tree helps make April fundraiser an Arbor Day success

By Audrey Arend

On Friday, April 30th, the Hattie Larlham Foundation was pleased to present its monthly “Five Dollar Friday” online fundraising campaign with a special twist: tree seed packets for every donor.

Davey Tree, with regional headquarters in Kent, OH, has long been a supportive corporate partner of Hattie Larlham. In honor of Arbor Day and Hattie Larlham’s 60th anniversary year, Davey Tree committed to supply a packet of White Pine tree seeds to every person who made a gift during Hattie Larlham’s Five Dollar Friday campaign, which took place on Arbor Day this year.

In total, April’s Five Dollar Friday campaign raised an impressive $1,580, which helps support the programs and services Hattie Larlham offers throughout Ohio. Hattie Larlham is grateful for the continued support of it’s Five Dollar Friday series, which has raised more than $12,300 so far in 2021.

Special thanks to Davey Tree, and to the Five Dollar Friday donors listed below.

Mary Carter
Hope Zusy
Janet Meyer
Kelly Connelly
David R Waltman
Stacy Timm
Joan and Pete Wallace, in memory of Shane Wallace
Rodney Clisby, in memory of Henry
Joe Prada
Laura Walker
Hattie Larlham
Joe Horoszko
Audrey Arend
Victoria Evans, in memory of Thomas Gulfer, Jr.
Donna and Joe Amato
Heidi Kelly
Dodie Wallace
Elaine Bowen, in celebration of National Nurses Week
Richard Larlham
Karla and Ron Pagano
Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Becca Abbott, in memory of Aaron Meager
Michael Russo
Dana Belden
Carol Dolan
Randy Schoenly
Grace Rice
Darren Way
Nancy Bell
Tekla Toman
Scott Keglovic
Angela Connelly-Prada
Sheri Fink
Patricia Gross
Anne and Mike Ritz
Thomas Thompson
Barbara Gionti
Robert M,Williams,II

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